Saturday, 17 January 2009

Request to Sony

You'll have to excuse my long absences. I am a teeny bit enamoured of my new toy, the e-reader. It has caused me to greet the dawn on several occasions, but it is so much fun! As a confirmed bookaholic, I didn't think I would like the electronic version, I was suspicious of its wiles. It felt a little traitorous to even hold the cover. Luring me away from the wonderful feel of the paper, the smell of the ink, the visuals of the cover art. Come to the Dark Side the e-reader hums. We have cookies...  and I am a cookie lover, you know.

Himself bought me the e-reader for Christmas. I am a convert. I can read 3 or 4 books at once without Himself whinging at me - or even knowing! My bedside table is tidier, potentially. I say potentially since I do still have 27 books* piled on it. But I could put them away now if I wanted to! I can store entire series of books on a single memory card and read the entire thing from start to finish without getting annoyed that I've lost book three and book five is downstairs and I'm upstairs and why on earth is this copy of book seven falling to bits? Oh yes, the bath. Oops.

However, Sony, I do have some improvements for you to consider when you upgrade it.

1. Touch screen. Please. The buttons are annoying and a touch screen would eliminate them and give me more reading space.

2. A clock. To stop me greeting the dawn on a school day!

3. A back-light. Even gameboy gave in on this one!

4. A completely waterproof cover. For the bath, the beach, walking in the rain...

5. A cup-holder would be useful**.

Himself tells me that I could purchase some of these as accessories, but that isn't the point! I want them as standard please.

*The girls recently counted every book that is within hand's reach of my pillow. Including the ones on the floor, the bedside table, balanced on the headboard, on HIMSELF's table because mine is full... there are 116. Gosh. I should re-shelve more often. As soon as I buy more shelving.

**OK I was joking about the cup-holder. Wifi to order pizza, though, that would be cool.

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