Sunday, 11 January 2009

Oh no she didn't!

Oh yes she did! I'm shocked but delighted that The Babe just sat on my lap for a full two hours, completely enthralled at the singing and dancing on the stage in front of her. Yay for panto season and the Cbeebies stars!

In fact she only moved twice the entire time - once she jumped at a particularly loud crash of thunder and once she got carried away booing the Baddie. Two years old, booing and clapping, how sweet! Shame she wasn't actually doing it at the right moments... Still, usually her attention span disappears faster than chocolate at a kids party, so I'm impressed that she coped.

Thing One is at the "too cool for anything, actually, whatever" stage. She lounged, paid polite attention, and limply clapped at the appropriate times. Just enough to avoid the Glare of Mum, but not enough to make anyone actually thing she was enjoying herself. Then she came home and shed 5 years of maturity. She started throwing herself around the room, singing, dancing, high kicking: "That was so cool!!!" Yeah. Nice to know she is still young enough to enjoy the panto. Nice to know I'm still mean enough to tell the world she's still a kid. Mwah-hah-ha!

As for Thing Two - next year I'm taking reins. If she'd leaned any further over the barrier she'd have ended up on the stage. Enthusiasm in one thing but have some common sense dear!

And me? I didn't get to eat my intermission ice-cream with The Babe glued to my lap, so I'm going next week by myself, just for the treats!

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