Monday, 19 January 2009

Jeans revisted

This is a first. I have to say.. I was wrong. I'm sorry. I misled you. I wrote something that almost a year on I find is untrue.


Today there was no thrill of fear. Today I bought jeans again for the first time since last year (is that good or bad? How often should you buy jeans? How long do your jeans last? Am now worried that I am either a) a spendthrift, thowing money away wantonly on unneeded jeans or b) a slattern, wearing old disgusting jeans) and I wasn't worried.

Today I realised that no-one on earth can eat that much chocolate and I gave in. I got sick of hoicking my jeans up several times a minute, holding them up one handed whenever I had to move at anything above a slow stroll, carrying my toddler in the waistband as if they were a sling... Ok. I exaggerate. I don't carry my toddler in my jeans. I can't. If I so much as pick her up all I hear are screams "I want walk mummy!".

Today I bought jeans TWO FULL SIZES SMALLER than usual. Less than four weeks after the season of Feasting Until You Burst (Christmas to those less irreverent). TWO. SIZES. SMALLER.

Oh, yeah.... am smug.

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BiteMe said...

2 sizes is cool, 7 sizes is wayyyyyyyyy better, of course now im very ill but hey at least i can die skinny!!!!!