Saturday, 3 January 2009

I Resolve...

Actually I don't. I don't make New Year Resolutions 'cause nobody ever keeps them. I won't lose weight, I won't stop losing my temper and I won't be a better correspondent. The thought is there, but the laziness wins every time.

However I do have one resolution that YOU, Dear Reader, can keep. Repeat after me:

"I, open bracket insert name here close bracket, do hereby resolve to never, never, never give chocolate to Thing One, Thing Two or The Babe regardless of the occasion."


I emptied the various selection boxes into a bucket - yes a BUCKET. The bowl wasn't big enough. It is full. This is in addition to the huge tins of Roses and Celebrations and the boxes of Terry's Chocolate Orange, After Eights, Maltesers and All Gold. We have chocolate coming out of our ears. We don't even eat that much chocolate. The vast majority will end up donated on or thrown away. Please don't give us chocolate!


Um. Is it a bit wrong of me to stare at all this chocolate in disgust but still be pissed off that we don't have any Quality Street?? What is Christmas without the Toffee Penny or Noisette Triangle, huh? Huh?

Happy New Year, all. Have a very Healthy and Happy 2009!

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