Thursday, 8 January 2009

And... action!

WHY?! Why are toddlers so STUBBORN??

I've been wanting to tape some of The Babe's funnier antics recently. Such as her Pink impression "So What! Am rock star! Don't need you! Na na na!" Or "Burp! Par'n me. Burp! par'n me."

However I've only just figured out how to record on my camera (damn but cameras are so clever nowadays. Years away from my first ever camera - which was a 110 not a Box Brownie, do you mind! I can remember being blown away by concepts like auto wind on and flash... and now I can point my camera at my kids and watch them perform on the PC a few minutes later. Marvellous really.)(Except, as I said, I've only just worked out how to do that so the camera may be marvellous but me? Not so much.) (Oh and by the way I don't care what the spell-check is trying to tell me, there ARE two "l"s in marvellous. Stupid American spellings).

(Uh... what was I saying?)

Now that I've figured out the camera, will she sing? Will she hell. She clams up tighter than Himself's wallet and refuses to be my performing monkey. Or grins and says "cheeeeesse!" What's that about? Stubborn child that she is.

Well, so what! I don't need you. I can entertain everyone without you. <sigh>.

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