Friday, 19 December 2008

What is the opposite of "organisation"?

Copy of an email I just sent, since I'm far too lazy to think about two ways to say the same thing and copy/paste are just so handy....

"Am not stressed. Not. Am fine. Did NOT forget that Thing One was at a birthday sleep-over. Did forget that she would then need a gift and card for birthday girl. Did have to quickly panic and run into town - the Friday before Christmas so the shops were disgustingly busy! Did also forget that the party is at a pool, so she needs a swimming kit. Did NOT forget that Thing Two was having a sleep-over here. Did NOT forget to wash the bedding. Did forget to dry it... Oh help. Also did forget that Thing One needed our sole sleeping bag for HER sleep-over so we can't have it for Thing Two's, so am quickly reshuffling duvets and quilts. {Sigh}.

Am not stressed, and my feet aren't killing me... also the word "forget" is not looking really weird to me now...

PS Also did NOT forget that sleep-over girl won't eat anything I make. So while I was in town I bought a packet of chicken nuggets, which is something I normally never buy. DID then promptly forget about them and so they have defrosted and am now cooking FORTY bloody chicken nuggets. We'll be eating them all week at this rate."

Yes, I am well aware of the irony of this all happening directly after the last post, headed "organisation".

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