Friday, 26 December 2008

Traditional Habits

I hab a hed code again. S'not a hangover, is just a code. I nearly always hab a code on Boxing Day, is almost tradition. Bleurgh. Stupid Tradition.

Do you have family traditions at Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate? Ours are a bit of a mish-mash of things brought from Himself's family memories in Poland, mine from England all mixed up with good old American consumerism - e.g. "Santa" instead of "Father Christmas".

In Poland the children open their gifts when they see the first star on Christmas Eve. This is a lovely idea and we have adopted it, although for some bizarre reason every year the children have managed to open new pyjamas as their chosen gift. Funny that. One tradition we have thrown away is eating Christmas carp. Ugh. Full of bones and skin and icky things. We'll stick with good old turkey thankyouverymuch!

Taken from my family, Santa leaves the children's stockings on their beds. They find them in the morning and come running in to wake us up and rip open the small gifts inside while Himself and I blearily un-peel our eyelids. The other gifts from Santa are left downstairs cleverly coordinated so that the wrapping of the stocking gifts matches the wrapping of the bigger gifts, so there is never any confusion.

Christmas Lunch is followed by more gifts, the ones from family and friends which have been sitting under the tree for weeks, tempting the poor children unmercifully. Shame they don't yet have my skill of being able to un-stick and re-stick Sellotape without any sign of tampering!

Games of charades, scrabble, trivial pursuit or whatever comes to hand, plus more food end the big day, but the festivities and feasting continue! The traditional Boxing Day full English breakfast - the good old fry-up cooked by Himself! - followed by pantomime tickets or Boxing Day sales and then we all visit Grandma's for her version of the turkey dinner.

Perhaps this is why I have a cold? The one day a year that I don't ever have to cook at all, and can kick back and relax. Makes sense I should always be too sick to enjoy it!

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