Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Himself managed to kick me so hard today that I fell - face first - flat on the floor. No doubt one day I will laugh about this. One day. Not today though.

mads-and-dad-dec-08 So, about three years ago, Himself bought a sled. Ever since then we have had freakishly warm winters. The odd tiny scatter of snow has only arrived when he is at work. Today though, the snow and his day off coincided and come hell or high water he was taking that sled out! Sadly The Babe refused to go near it, and had to be bribed just to stand near it for a photo. He still had to play on it though, and coerced me into dragging him around. So. Top of hill. Him on sled. Me holding rope. Me pulling rope to start his forward momentum. Me jumping out of way. Him forgetting first lesson of any decent ride i.e. keep bloody arms and legs in the bloody vehicle!

His legs are all over the place and as I jump he kicks me really hard in the thigh and I fall face first forward into the snow! He laughs so hard he skids off the sled but that isn't poetic justice enough so I am planning some revenge. Ideas accepted.

HE thinks that a) it is my fault for getting in his way and b) he was just getting me back for throwing a snowball at him the other week. Can I point out though that The babe and I threw snowballs at Thing One and Thing Two as well as Himself?? Shame all three of them were sitting on the sofa at the time... (not joking about that bit).

mads-snow-26m "Mummy, WHY are you taking so many photos of me in the white cold stuff?"

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Katie said...

LOL! I'm sorry.. but him kicking you over.. I tried not to laugh. I really did. I just failed though. Many times.
Yay for snow.. send some this way please!