Sunday, 14 December 2008


The British are great at small talk. We have 'The Weather'. Traffic. The Weather. Temperatures. The Weather. At the moment, though, the number one conversation starter is... "Are you ready?" And the terribly sad thing is that without any further point of context, everyone understands what the hell you are saying.

(I have eleven days to go. No I'm NOT bloody ready.)

It is a never-ending nightmare of present buying, card writing, grocery shopping, menu planning, decorating, wrapping and details. All preceded, of course, by list-making.

I am, naturally, a fantastic list maker. I write lists everywhere and for everything. Perfect tables of lists arranged in Word. Neatly wriiten lists for the notice board. Scraps of paper tucked into my purse. Back of envelope lists. Back of HAND lists. Texted to my own mobile lists. Called to my own telephone and left on the voicemail lists. Lists dictated over my shoulder at various children, friends, or whoever is there "Don't let me forget x, y and z!"

Lists keep you organised. They stop you from worrying and trying to remember things. Instead I tend to spend all my time looking for the damned bit of paper I wrote my list on. But that's okay! Because once I have the paper I will know what to do next because I made a list...

P.S. I just opened my Facebook page and sat staring at it wondering what was wrong with Scrabble now. Why isn't it loading?? I hadn't actually clicked any links or anything, I assumed it would know what to do by now.

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