Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Never the Twain?

Something that might surprise you, Dear Reader, is that when I write to you I have no specific person in mind. I tend to write for myself rather than for any specific reader, and in fact very few of my "real-life" friends know that I blog. (If you are a "real-life" friend AND you knew about this blog already, just sit over there in the corner, this won't take long. Don't worry, there's only a half dozen of you so it won't be crowded).

So it was an act of either foolishness or courage to actually add my blog to my Facebook page. Now people that I actually know can read this - if they wish to and have several hours to kill. Perhaps while waiting for a bowel prep to work, because I certainly wouldn't read this whole thing for fun!

(Except I just had to read the whole thing, to quickly run through and edit certain posts before anyone's feelings got hurt. Holy crap, I talk way too much.)

Facebook is actually consuming much of my time at the moment. And not just the scrabble game, which is usually the only part of the site I look at. There seems to have been a surge in people using it, and that surge seems to consist entirely of people I went to school with. People I haven't seen in twenty years (ugh, I had to say that didn't I? That counting thing again. Twenty years. How in hell am I that old?).

The memories of that time are so bittersweet, which I suppose school memories often are. You make friendships there which stay with you your entire life - whether you ever see those people again or not, they make their mark on you and you never, ever forget them. You also make a total and utter prat of yourself and writhe in shame at some of the memories that are refusing to stay bolted behind those steel doors. You never, ever really forget those moments either - although I so wish I could!

The good side of it though, is touching base with those friends who made their mark. People I've never forgotten. My first boyfriend. My best friend. The person I tried to live up to. The person that caught me when I couldn't. And the anticipation of wondering who will join next is tantalising and wonderful.

And if any of you did click the link and come over - I'm so, so pleased to see you again. I hope life is treating you well.

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