Saturday, 13 December 2008

Top of the Season to You!

It's December 13th, twelve days before Christmas. Tradition dictates it is tree up day, woohoo! Some people do put the tree up way earlier than this. I've tried that but I only have a limited amount of patience so the later it goes up the better. The year I put it up on the 1st it was down on Boxing Day!

I love the look of "designed" trees. When one person creates a co-ordinated look and the colours and textures dazzle while the balance is perfection itself.

We tend to go for the "many hands make a balls-up" approach. There is no co-ordination. We have many home-made works of art, more precious than Fabergé. Shame they look like so much Fromage. We end up with bare patches and over-laden branches. We have Disney princess rubbing shoulders with Thomas the Tank Engine. We have angels and robins and teddies and drums. Musical bells and icicles. Bits of glittery paper and tufts of cotton wool, so old and battered I have no idea what they were originally supposed to represent. Definitely not perfect. And I will spend the next 3 weeks itching to re-arrange it. But I won't, because the girls have done it and they love doing it!

treeOh... and the fireguard? It's just the perfect finishing touch in a house with toddlers, Labradors, cats and clumsy mums. Actually, perhaps I could expect a "House Beautiful" call soon...

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