Saturday, 1 November 2008

Himself broke my baby!

He may never forgive himself. He took the girls to an organised event last night, for Halloween. It was dark, muddy, they were on a hill. Thing Two fell. She broke her arm. While in his care. If you've read earlier entries you'll know exactly what his reaction was. That's right, he hustled her straight home; "She's hurt, fix her!"


We've spent several hours in various waiting rooms, she's been examined by several people, she's been x-rayed, poked and prodded and finally had a visit to the wet room to have a heavy duty cast put on for a few days. Next week she gets to go and choose a lightweight colourful cast and then we shall all sign it. All I can do is count on my fingers. Six weeks... one, two... it comes off just one week before Christmas! Phew!

This is my first time dealing with a broken bone. I'm not actually very sure how to cope. My baby is broken. My poor baby. I may never forgive myself either.

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