Sunday, 9 November 2008

Happy Birthday Thing Two

Never underestimate the sheer quantities of pizza a room full of pre-teens can eat. Or ice-cream. Like locusts they were! And the ice-cream sundae concoctions they dreamed up were simply disgusting. Lemonade, ice-cream, crushed meringues, whipped cream, sprinkles with a cherry on top? Anyone? Still Thing Two had a fab time and for a slap-dash last second party it went well.

Kids' parties exhaust me.

I thought I had it sussed. I have two rather wonderful child magnets in my house. (that sentence makes me feel just like the Child-Catcher. It's no wonder I like to dress in black.) I have at one end of my house a rather splendid rocking horse, which draws children to it like moths to a flame. At the other end is a trampoline, which has a similar function. Now normally these child magnets - the rocking horse and the trampoline - placed at opposite ends of the room can leave a child almost literally torn in two. They will stand frozen in indecision for ages, leaving you free to get on with the important tasks needed. Like catching up on your blogging. I bet you can guess what actually happened after sufficient quantities of e-numbers in the ice-cream sundaes?

Yep, the prize goes to the lady in the blue who guessed "Herds of screaming shrieking over-hyped children running from one end of the house to the other, unable to decide what to do yet unable to remain locked in stasis".

Never again.

Until the next time.

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