Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Mental Dental

Yesterday I had to visit the dentist. I'm terrified of dentists, ever since I had a molar yanked without anaesthetic when I was 10 - a baby tooth that hadn't come out and needed to make room for the adult tooth. Just check-ups fill me with fear, I shake, and stutter and have floods of adrenaline running through me.

So imagine me yesterday. In the chair. Tilting back. The bright lights. The sound of the drills. The latex gloves squeaking and rubbing my cheek. A huge rush of adrenalin, I tensed and... wait. No kids. Nobody is calling me. Nobody wants me. I am lying supine. It is daytime and I am lying down and I'm... free. I relax. Wow. I'm going back next week just for the break!

Just since you haven't had any recently, here're some pics of what my day is usually like.

The babe... destroying shoes, emptying drawers and eschewing cutlery.








mads-reading mads-in-drawer











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