Thursday, 13 November 2008

Colposcopy Update

I know you've been on tenterhooks so I shall quickly tell you - I'm fine! Ok, ok so you haven't been on tenterhooks, in fact some people forgot I was going at all! That's okay, I've been on enough tenterhooks for all of us. Is tenterhooks starting to look a little strange to you?

Thing One is exclaiming in horror that I even want to share this with you, Dear Reader, she thinks I'm being "gross and disgusting". So, take fair warning - gross and disgusting descriptions of colposcopy coming up!

So, I laid on my back, feet in stirrups, camera viewing my hoohaa and had vinegar poured all over my tender bits. I even got to watch the camera progression on a television. Some sights are hidden inside your body for a reason. I don't actually ever want to see the eye of my cervix ever again, thanks! The vinegar stung a bit but in the cold, itchy sense rather than the ouch/flinch sense. It was over and done with in minutes and hurt no more than a regular smear test (yes, we say smear. You may say pap. You are wrong.) Nothing to worry about!

I haven't slept in weeks, and thunderclouds have lived over my town recently. I came out of the clinic into sunshine, feeling on top of the world!

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