Friday, 7 November 2008

Broken Thing Two Update

Thing Two now has a beautiful bright pink cast. She's been an absolute star. She has never once complained - the most she has said is "it's a bit sore". She isn't allowed to swim, or take part in PE or go to her Cheerleading club, all things she adores, but she hasn't uttered a sound of protest. I'm not sure I would be so stoic. Hell, I know I wouldn't be! I'd take advantage shamelessly, guilting others to cater to my whims. Wait, I already do that. No point me breaking any limbs then.

It's Thing Two's birthday this weekend, she'll be nine years old. The original party plan has had to slide - a disco and karaoke - and we are now planning on having a quiet night in with a movie and pizza. And eight girls, 23 bottles of nail polish and immense quantities of e-numbered snacks and drinks. I'm already shaking in fear. Makeovers and movies. What fun!

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