Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Our favourite book (BlogRoll post)

I swear that Lynda has some sort of Machiavellian plan to gag me. Our favourite book? BOOK??? Like, ONE?

Thing One is - thankfully - a big Potter fan, so we swap the entire series back and forth between ourselves. We have two copies of a couple of them (neither of us was willing to wait for the other so we had two copies of DH delivered on publication day) and have managed to wear out GoF entirely. She also loves the current dog craze books, about naughty dogs completing the family, a la Marley and Me. She actually swiped Buster's Diaries when I left it open on the side and hid it in her room. I was not very pleased when I looked for it that night!

Thing One is also a fan of the Classics which is a sheer joy. Black Beauty, Jane Eyre, The Little Princess, The Railway Children, Water Babies, Narnia - it is like the bookcases of my childhood revisited. And I do revisit. She knows where to find her books - on my bedside table!

Thing Two is a huge fan of the Rainbow Magic books, which aren't exactly my cup of tea. However that led logically on to several of my childhood favourites - Enid Blyton's The Wishing Chair and The Enchanted Wood. I may have sneaked a peek at them to enjoy once again Pop biscuits and Mrs Washalot and the Slippery Slip. Ah, they take me back...

Thing Three, aka The Babe has given me the perfect excuse to sink gracefully back into some of my all time favourite books. Dear Zoo, Five Minutes Peace, Hairy MacLary, Room on the Broom, Dr Seuss, Each Peach Pear Plum, Where's Spot. The list is enormous but discovering old friends and making new ones is a pleasure.

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