Saturday, 18 October 2008

Kids on Kids TV

I have a challenge for you. Pick a programme, any children's programme. Turn the sound off and just watch. See if you can guess where that programme was made, here or across the pond. There is an easy way to tell, you know. Look at the children.

Are they little Stepford kids? All bounce and shiny teeth and arms waving and colourful and perfect hair? Are they participating and watching everything avidly as if whichever person hiding in a costume in front of them is the most interesting thing ever!

Or. Are they a bit grey. A bit washed out. Mostly dressed in blue sweatshirts. Staring out of the window in boredom. Absently picking their nose. Pinching the child next to them.

I wonder just which child is the Brit and which child is the Yank??

I was very pleased to catch a Barney episode this week, the one with the pets, with a dog that actually showed a sign of independent intelligence. By which I mean, ears back, eyes rolling, pulling like hell to get away from that damn purple chunk of condescension. Run dog run, don't let them get you into that lab at the Men's Club!

I rather think my dog fancies his chances on one of these TV shows. He certainly demonstrates his acting abilities. He jumped on the sofa today (bad dog!), so The Babe grabbed his paw to pull him down. I gently reprimanded her for possibly hurting the dog, then turned to get him off the furniture. At which he laid his ears back, lifted his paw and licked it, whimpering - all before I'd opened my mouth. Nice one. Even my DOG is a diva.

Finally, because I'm pretty sure you readers in India haven't heard (yes I know you are there! I see you on my stat counter lol. Hi! How are you?) although possibly everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere has. I have another brag. Thing One saw that I had posted about Thing Two and had to go one better. I received a letter from her school today. Apparently my daughter "achieved one of the best overall marks in the 2008 KS2 SAT tests and has been invited to take part in a residential visit to a Gifted and Talented educational centre". Wow. Am so proud I could burst!

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