Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Thing One is waving her hands mysteriously around her head and swaying her body sinuously. No, she isn't dancing. She's left her plate on the table and her first response when I asked her to take it through? "I already did!" So the plate on the table is...? "A hallucination!" Hence the waving her hands, just an inch over the plate "See? I can pass my hands right through it!"


I'm all better from my cold, though, thanks! Sadly, it seems that viruses can pass not just from human to human, not just from human to animal in some cases, but from human to machine. My computer, RIP, has gone and been replaced. Long Live the King! Now I have some super fast thing with dual core blah and terabyte this and some other swish stuff that I'm supposed to care about and just nod my head to. And what will I do with my super fast computer? Well, I'm just waiting for February and the release of.. tada!... the Sims 3! Yes, I know. You are just in awe.

I just need a proud brag, quickly, that Thing Two - who manages to keep her head down enough that she is rarely mentioned here - has been receiving perfect scores at school recently in both maths and literacy. Go Thing Two!

And finally... I received a letter this morning that I need to attend the colposcopy clinic at my earliest convenience. My results have been bad for a couple of years now, and I haven't yet found a way to tell my mum. What?? She worries. Anyway. Sorry, mum. Now you know, though, 'eh? However part of me is all.. two years of bad results. Two years of nasties simmering and stewing. Why on earth haven't I been booked in for a total radical hysterectomy?? And I am not panicking hysterically, not at all, but would you like to do a mastectomy while you are at it??

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