Friday, 19 September 2008

The Brightest Crayon

The Babe sat on my lap earlier, cocked her head to one side and batted her eyelashes. "Mummy, wuv oo." Awwww. "More, mummy?"

"You love me more?" My heart melts.

"NO!" Scorn drips. "More choclit, mummy, pwees?"

How can you have more when you haven't had any? Hurrumph. Yes, ok, you may have a chocolate button. She is delighted. She grabs her little duck and sits with it and the button. She brings the duck's beak to the button. She makes "nom nom" noises with her mouth.

Himself and I glow with pride. Our little baby, playing pretend at such a young age. "She's so clever" he beams "Takes after her dad!"

The Babe then tosses the chocolate over her shoulder and shoves the duck into her mouth. Yeah.

"She does indeed." I agree.

By the way, keeping in mind that the The Babe isn't yet two years old... Himself called "Bedtime, honey!". She came careering into the dining room where I type.

"Hide me, mummy, hide me!"

Seems to have inherited Thing One's drama queen tendencies and dramatic flair too...

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