Sunday, 28 September 2008

Boobie Doll!

Or, how The Babe discovered Barbie. She is totally enamoured, but Himself isn't as happy. The Babe found a Barbie doll today, immediately stole all her clothes and spent several minutes staring in awe. Himself had to run an errand and took The Babe along, but she insisted on flashing her naked "boobie doll" at all and sundry until Himself was forced to flee in mortification. He's left "boobie doll" in the car, in a moment of distraction, but The Babe has spent all evening asking "Where boobie doll, Daddy?" so I fear the obsession is just beginning.

Which segues nicely into a theme I was planning on talking about yesterday, except Posh and Ally kept me chatting too late (on purpose, I think, in fear of being quoted). Ally started several conversations about sex the other day. Recreational sex, as opposed to procreational. Come on, you remember that, surely? Cast your mind back, before children. Lazy Sunday mornings and the desire to do other things apart from seek the oblivion of sleep in your bed. Before CAB sex became the norm (no, you perverts, not sex on the back seat of taxis! Christmas, Anniversaries and Birthdays!). (Actually I'm joking. I'm FAR too tired to even consider it at Christmas).

Posh decided to take it a step further and started to look at various toy sites. Several things were so weird that we were planning on asking some more experienced friends what on EARTH they were. Seriously. Lobster claws, I ask you. (Actually, I don't ask you. Please don't tell me. I know that I must have a somewhat deprived background but that is better than the depraved background of whoever came up with those torture devices). However, the site must be used to such novices as we are since Posh stumbled across - I kid you not! - instructional VIDEOS!

However, it wasn't the video that shocked us as much as the soundtrack. Hard-core opera! We were more engrossed in figuring out why on earth they chose opera than watching the video. To convince us that this was an intellectual highbrow venture rather than something rather seedy? It's not porn if we're playing opera?? Or a subliminal "you too can hit the high C with the right, uh, stimulation?" Well, I suppose all operas have a climactic moment...

(No, I'm not telling you which site! Go find it yourself). (Oh, alright. Sigh. It's the one that does that parties since that is the only one we could think of).

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