Thursday, 28 August 2008

Starting School

I thought I was used to this. Playgroup. Nursery. She's had new starts, made new friends. She is used to this, for goodness sake. So why do I feel sick?

Primary School. I remember her first day. I didn't cry. Nor did she. However, grocery shopping that week was hard, and I sniffled slightly as I realised she wasn't going to be home for lunch anymore. But she had a fabulous time, and I learned to let go. Just a little.

Secondary School. Oh. My. God.

Today we collected her uniform. She tried it on. My little baby, the soul I carried beneath my heart for nine months and in my heart ever since. She was wearing a {sob} BLAZER! (By the way, blazers are so much cooler now! They have pockets for mobiles and pockets for Ipods with a special lining for your headphones and probably a special pocket for your cigs and lighter, and one for your flask, and and... Oh, and they are machine washable. My school one was dry clean only and I had the fear of God put in me in case I ever got it dirty.)

(I have no idea where I was going, you let me sidetrack again).

Nope, it's gone. Train of thought derailed. Cool gadget thoughts now running through head.

So, piccy time! Here she is, my little girl, all growed up (she is so going to kill me if she reads this sentimental slush. MOTHER! She'll say. Then she'll see the pic of her PE Kit, get in an absolute strop and storm off to her room and I'll get some peace and quiet for a little while). (Note to self: show this entry to Thing One).

blogpekit bloguniform

Tomorrow, hair cut. Be prepared for more pics!

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