Thursday, 28 August 2008

I Can't Take No Steenking Photos!

I forgot! No, I didn't forget, all day I had my camera, all day I thought "I must get a shot of Thing One now she's had her head shaved." I just.. time escaped me.

Kidding, by the way. I did not shave my pre-teen daughter's head. I used hair removal cream, so much safer than a blade.

Oh ok. Fine. Spoilsport. Here's the best (photoshopped to try and lighten it so you can see) pic from today.


So what did I take photos of, if not my beloved eldest? Well, I did try and get a few shots of The Babe, at an aquarium visiting the fish. I have a lot of this type of shot:


Back of head, running away type shots.

I got fed up and forced all three of them to sit down and say cheese for-crying-out-loud-it's-only-one-picture-can't-you-just-pretend-to-be-normal-kids-for-once. The result?


Fake smiles and not a single one looking at the camera. Grrr.

I did get one shot of The Babe smiling at me, even if I did have to strap her down and bribe her...


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