Thursday, 3 July 2008


You've heard of the Walk the Dog trick? Thing One can Walk the Baby. We're very impressed. Thing One went to bounce her yo-yo and The Babe caught the falling spinning ball, so Thing One just took her for a walk, The Babe hanging on for dear life while Thing One dragged her along.

The Babe thinks yo-yos were invented for her own amusement. She doesn't quite get the concept, so while Thing One is trying to learn tricks, The Babe grabs another yo-yo and walks it along the floor, making sure it is balanced correctly to roll behind her.

Himself gets home and excitedly pounces on the new yo-yos. Oooh, shiny! He immediately starts to show off, spinning them around and whirling the blessed thing around his head, before losing control and almost taking my windows out. So help me, boy, you break anything and I'm stopping your pocket money!

Meanwhile, Thing One is befuddling me "Look, Mum, the Eiffel Tower.. a Bow Tie... the Aliens (dum dum dun)..." I have no idea what she is on about, I just smile and nod.

I know the eighties are doing a revival, but do they HAVE to drag along the toys? I hate cat's cradles, yo-yos, elastics, scoobies and all that other assorted rubbish. Go play with your DS and leave me alone!

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