Monday, 7 July 2008


The Babe is traumatised. She went to a farm today, and they had some very unusual pets in addition to the usual poultry, pigs and whatnot. All the children were sat in a row, and all were given a small wriggly worm to hold. The Babe was charmed. It wriggled up her wrist and around her thumb. It curled around her little finger and hugged her tightly. It wiggled and giggled and became her new best friend.

She barely glanced up as the farm assistant brought out the rather cute and cuddly hedgehog. She certainly didn't bother to look at the other children while she played with her worm. The assistant crouched in front of The Babe.

"Sweetie, do you want to feed Prickles?"

Caught unawares, The Babe lifted her hand slightly. Quick as a flash, sluuuurrp, the 'hog guzzled down the snack in The Babe's palm. Just like slucking spaghetti. That nasty spiky thing ATE The Babe's new pet!!

Inconsolable, I tell you.

Well, at least until Bruce the Boar came out to play and she helped to feed and bathe him. Fickle creature that she is.

Bath a 30 stone pig

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