Monday, 7 July 2008

Random Questions

Thoughts I have had this weekend, in no particular order.

1. If I buy Himself a lavender v-necked jumper, and he throws it at me in disgust, since he wouldn't wear it, so I sigh and say I may as well keep it... does that make it a present for him or a present for me?

2. Is it worth spending £20 on a useless bit of plastic tat if it keeps The Babe quiet for ten minutes?

3. If lightning hits your car when you are driving at 45mph in torrential rain, will you feel it fizzle through the steering wheel?

4. Why would a child who is terrified of baths make a beeline for a huge outdoor paddling pool when you have no change of clothes handy?

5. Why would it be lovely and sunny until you are 500 yards from the nearest shelter, and then the heavens open when you are halfway across a main road?

6. How does The Babe know how to use the camera? And why do I have 6 random pictures of the ceiling on my memory stick?

7. Why is it that The Babe and her partners in crime can be totally wiped out, asleep in their pushchairs yet wake up the second we stop for coffee?

8. How come in real life I talk complete and utter random rubbish, yet on the Internet.. wait. Scrap that. I seem to have no brain/mouth filter and stuff just burbles out in all sorts of abrupt tones. It's like premature ejaculation of the voice box.

9. Why does Thing One think it is a compliment to tell me I have lovely shiny silver hair? It's not grey, dammit, those are stress highlights!

10. How come The Babe can't walk out of Clarks without getting her feet measured? Little shoeaholic she is. Size 3.5f now, though, she is growing, w00t!

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