Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Random Pith

The Babe has spent the last few days asserting her personality. And believe me, it's a rum 'un, full of pith and vinegar as the saying goes. I think the tooth fairy drops an espresso off to The Babe on the way back to Fairyland each morning. Nothing else would explain how she can be snoring one second, then hit the ground running, and stay buzzed all day. Wheee!

For all the injuries The Babe has had, miraculously she's never actually seen one. Stitches in her head, blood draws from her upper, inner arm or heel, bruises under trousers. Yesterday, though, she managed to get a scratch on her wrist. An injury she can see, and in a place she catches sight of frequently. She hasn't stopped whinging. "Hurts Mum, hurts, kiss".

Not that it stops her. She has a new party trick. She pushes a chair against the radiator, climbs up, and - back to the wall - inches out to the far end of the radiator. Gasp! I don't need a heart, it spends more time in my throat than in my chest anyway.

It was late. She was in her pjs, but doing everything she could to prolong things. They learn it early, you know. Asked her to find her dummy, so she closed her eyes and walked away, arms outstretched to stop herself falling over. If she can't see it or find it, it can't be bedtime. Where did she learn that??!

You know how children seem to be drawn to electronics and telephones? I've always wondered what would I do if one of my children, while playing, dialled out. The other day I got to find out. I heard tell-tale beeps and ran in to find The Babe on my mobile, chatting happily. I rushed over, grabbing the 'phone and looking to see who she had called, to hear a disembodied voice float out of the handset. Horrors! To my shame, in panic, I just hung up.

Now I need to find new kennels. Damn.

For my own benefit here, so when I have forgotten all her milestones I can look back and read (ie probably next week sometime): The Babe has started to poop on the potty, hurray! She has asked 4 times this week, and today she took off her nappy, said "poo mummy", and peed in the potty too. Yay Babe! But I spent a fortune on those cute nappies and you're going to wear them until you start school whether you need them or not!

Oh, yes. She has also moved on from solitary play, skipped over parallel and gone straight to interactive. I'm so proud. How do I know? Well she and her best friend have started to ask for "crash, mummy, pees". Crash = golf clubs. And as soon as they get them, they knock seven bells out of each other. Oh, bless them. Such little angels they are. Hurrumph.

Lastly, pith. {Giggle}. My new favourite word. Pith, pith, pith.

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