Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Need X-ray, Long Distance Binoculars

Is it a tiny bit too stalker-ish, a tiny bit "helicopter parent", to go sit outside the school for two hours, waiting for Thing One to appear?

I hate this. The schools admission system totally sucks. Thing One is visiting her new senior school today. It isn't the school we wanted, although it is academically far superior to Wanted School. However, all her friends are going to Wanted School, and she is the only one going to Academic School. She is scared, although she won't show it. She was literally shaking this morning, and walking to school her shoulder brushed mine the entire time, she was walking that close (incidentally... shoulder brushing mine? Yeah. I'm short and she is growing. So unfair!).

I want to hug her and squeeze her and kiss her and love her and call her George, but I have to let go. She is terrified, but she has to stand up and pretend to be cool so she makes friends and isn't labelled School Dork before she even starts. This is so damn hard. Parenting hurts, every single step of the way.

The Babe is having one-of-those-days. Clingy little snot monster. She spent the entire morning wailing and trying to fall asleep, but pinging awake the second I put her to bed. Finally I just got her up and fed her some lunch. How does anyone make that much mess?? She called me through at one point asking for a baby wipe, holding her bare dirty foot up in one hand with a piece of bread stuck to her upper arm. Buh-wah? I have no idea how she gets into these situations. It's okay though, she cleaned herself up. Poured her whole cup of water over herself...

She is wailing one second and happy as Larry the next (who is Larry? Can I have some of whatever he is taking?), typical toddler. Either over clingy and weepy or fawning and hugging. In the end I turned Cbeebies on just to get away from her and sit online for a few minutes. Parent of the year again, kerching!

Only 84 minutes until I can wait outside the school, heart in mouth. Not that I'm counting. 83.

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