Friday, 27 June 2008

Top Tips: For Travel

Flying, train travel, walking - all are fairy well covered in articles online. So I thought I'd tell you what is in my car - after 11 years of parenting I have it pretty well covered, I hope! Of course, to tell you the contents of my car means I'm going to have to clean it out. Here goes!

1. Car seats. Well duh. We have a maxicosi one, after asking for recommendations on here (and also because I just really really liked the colour!). I also have a spare booster cushion in the boot, in case I give a lift to anyone.

2. Buggy. I did in the end decide and buy a zooper twist which I adore, and had perfect customer service from the seller.

3. Raincover and buggysnuggle. It's summer, you can't be too careful!

4. Sling. Sometimes a buggy isn't appropriate, so I have a coorie pouch sling, which doubles up as a pram blanket which is handy. My friends rave about the ergo, but I have never used that one.

5. Emergency changing kit. I have a rather clever little folding mat which has pockets for a nappy and some wipes, which stays in the car at all times.

6. Emergency first aid kit. Plasters, bandages, arnica cream, rescue remedy, gloves, alcohol wipes, resus shield (yes, I am trained to use it lol).

7. Baby wipes. I love these things, I use them for everything, from wiping babies' hands to cleaning muddy stroller wheels. Wonderful things.

8. Tool kit. Including a torch. For waving at passing motorists helplessly, just in case. AA card, which is probably more helpful.

9. Soothers. In our case, a spare dummy and a muslin cloth, an ipod and a nintendo ds - but whatever it is that stops your kids from asking if we are nearly there yet, mum I need the loo, I'm hungry, when are we theeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeee??!

10. Miscellaneous tat. Sunglasses, sun hats, rain coats, baby books, crayons, raisins, maps, small change for parking meter, pens.

All that had to stay. Here's the stuff that didn't: 2 fleeces, one of mine, one of Thing One's. 5 books, all Thing One's. 5 half melted chocolate buttons. 16 raisins. 4 parking tickets (from the meters, not the wardens lol). 3 letters from school. 2 empty envelopes. 1 newspaper. 1 half empty pack of tictacs. 5 chocolate wrappers. 2 maze games. 1 long piece of metal tubing (I have no idea). 3 odd socks and a sandal (The Babe's). 16 hair bobbles. 5 hair clips. 1 pair of trainers. 1 nappy insert (I've been LOOKING for that!). 1 golfing umbrella. 1 flannel (again, no idea). 1/2 sausage roll Embarassed. 1 birthday card. 1 can de-icer. 2 ice-scrapers. 1 socket set. 3 gum wrappers. 1 kitchen roll. 2 handfuls of dust, fluff, crumbs.

I had the car valeted less than a month ago, before we went on holiday.. so the accumulated debris hasn't had that long to build up, honest!

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