Friday, 13 June 2008


Perfect start to a lovely day today. Following The Babe's spontaneous complete heart-melting cuteness t'other day... Oh wait. Forgot to tell that story.

Quick recap: last week Thing Two gave The Babe something, and out of the blue The Babe said "Dank you, Alex, wuv you." Cue multiple awwwwww.

... following spontaneous complete heart melting cuteness, Thing One has been avidly trying to get The Babe to say the same thing to her. Not happening. The Babe thinks it is hilarious and refuses point blank.

This morning, The Babe was snuggled up in my bed with me, and Thing One climbed in the other side. She gave me a kiss and a lazy yawn hello to The Babe. Then, hoping to get in while The Babe was sleepy, she started her favourite game.

"Say Mummy"








"Love you."


No flies on The Babe, even when first woken, heh.

(Told you I'd try better today).

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