Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Why is it, after two days at home it feels like you have never been away? Routine, work, housekeeping, groceries, laundry... ahh, pity me, heh.

Am cheering myself up by uploading holiday pics, thought I'd share.

mafiosa My own Mafioso thugs. Wouldn't YOU be scared of them? Tough girls on the case. Trying to close it because I packed too much. Don't worry, it closed eventually, and got the whole lot home without it exploding on the motorway.






revenge of the nerds This is Himself doing a very relaxed, careless, man-o'-the-world type pose. You'd never know his knees are knocking and he is swearing under his breath because he is scared if birds, would you?

Also, that is Thing Two buckling under the weight of birds on head. Note to self: birds adore multi-coloured hair bobbles. Avoid like plague in future.

oops Now, Posh is supposed to be on a diet, but decided to take the holiday off. She still didn't need to have photographic evidence of her wrongdoing so I won't tell you about the crisps, ice-cream, clotted cream scone, chocolate and other yummies on that table.



'I'm being good, honest!' Heh, even Gorgeous is looking at her shiftily after Posh thrust the goodies away and smiled innocently...

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