Monday, 16 June 2008

Happy Father's Day

It is getting to be a bit of a tradition, humiliating demonstrating our love for Daddy by forcing him to wear - frankly - badly made and terribly naff home decorated T-shirts.

Here is this year's.

m-deerThe Babe's hands and foot, awww. This is the front of the shirt, under the words "I'm a Deer Dad".

It is supposed to be a deer, you see, with handprint antlers and.. oh, it doesn't matter. It's naff is all.





Thing One and Two's efforts, on the back of the shirt. Thing One's punny joke there, Too Deer for Words. Except she mis-spelled "deer" and I wouldn't let her change it.. Freudian mis-spelling, methinks. She does love him really!



Previous years include handprints on the back of the shirt, with "My Daddy Deserves a Pat on the Back" on the front, and footprinted lines with "My Kids Walk All Over Me". Feel free to use these ideas yourself to blackmail gift your partner with...

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