Thursday, 19 June 2008

Baby Shopping

No, I'm not trading in The Babe! Will consider offers for Thing One and Thing Two, though. House-trained, vaccinated, full medical history... anyone? Anyone?

I'm inducting myself into the Pramaholics Club. My friends have a wide and varied .. and LONG... club register, so it is time I dipped my toes in the water and bought a new stroller. If there is hazing, though, I'm not doing the naked thing. And no secret silly handshake! Public silly handshakes are fine.

I've had several pushchairs over the years. The worst was the Emmaljunga, which had a detachable toddler seat. Not even sure they do this anymore! Heavy, awkward, intractable... I ended up deciding Thing One was old enough to just walk and putting Baby Thing Two in my old beloved Mothercare buggy.

Now I have a M&P Pliko. It was perfect for her when she was younger - a sturdy travel system, pramette facing Mummy, pushchair facing away - but as she gets older, I dislike it. The ruddy straps aren't attached to the back of the seat, they are loose "to enable child freedom and manoeuvrability". Sod that. Strap the child back, and stop me having to fish under her butt to hoick the blessed straps out every time!

Himself's cousin is having a baby - well, his wife is. He called to ask if he could buy our baby car seat, since The Babe has FINALLY hit 20lbs and been able to leave her stage 0 car seat behind.
Oh sure, says I. In fact, would you like the whole system? Pram, car seat, the whole kit and kaboodle?
Fantastic, says him, would love it.
No bother, says I, when would you need it?
Next week, he says, she is due beginning of July.
D'oh! Next time, check the due date before you randomly offer your baby stuff away.

Well, now I get to buy a new stroller, and the choice is overwhelming. So is the cost. When did they all get so expensive? I have read review sites, have asked for advice, surreptitiously  taken in all the details of prams in the streets.. maybe not quite so surreptitiously as I wished since many a mother dragged her baby away from me, with suspicious glances in my direction.

My needs are simple. It needs to fold small, recline, and have a raincover. Oh yes, and be PINK. I want a girlie one. I've never done the girlie thing, but there are so many colours now! It was all black, blue and green when Things One and Two were little, it's so much more fun now! 

Anyway, the choice is down to the Little Shield Meribel, the O'Baby Atlas and the Zooper Twist. I think. Maybe. It's so hard to choose! Decision time; one potato, two potato, three potato, four...

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