Friday, 9 May 2008

Broken Baby Update

She is fine! So, the full story. The books arrived, my amazon order, my school link order, my ebay wins.. all on the same day. It was like Book Heaven. I put all the books on the table to admire them. Well, The Babe isn't much on just admiring books, she wants to read them! So she climbed up on a chair, reached for her favourite new book (Hairy Maclary) and started to read... before - and this is the crucial part and shows her mother's genetic influence - before actually getting down. Nose in book, she steps forward and tumbles off the chair, hitting the carved table leg face first.

I was standing right next to her while this happened, and I just expected the usual tumble, so I scooped her straight up to kiss her better, and as I did so Thing One screamed "Blood!". Fountains of the stuff. You know how they say head wounds bleed profusely? Profusely, my butt - we're talking re-filling the Nile here. I was almost out the door to the hospital before you could wink, then at the last second some common sense kicked in and I reversed to put a dressing on her head, grab her shoes, my purse, my keys and 'phone - and Thing One and Thing Two.

By the time we got to the hospital, The babe had decided this was all A Grand Adventure, and was crawling over me to explore. So much for gashing head wounds. They were very nice and saw us almost straight away - I think to try and keep her from dripping blood all over the toys and chairs and beds and expensive electronics that she thought we had laid on for her amusement.

I did like some of the questions asked - I was expecting bad parenting, we'll call social services on you type stuff, but no. "Was she under the influence of any drugs at the time?" She's 18 months old for God's sake, she was hardly freebasing crack cocaine! Anyway, she behaved perfectly - apart from trying to climb everything - no crying even when they cleaned the wound up - a deep gash in her forehead. They glued it and applied some steri-strips, gave her a big sticker and a lolly and sent her home. Phew!

My house looked like a murder scene. Blood splatter everywhere, covering an 11 foot radius - not joking, that is the distance from the door way to the sitting room from the window in the dining room, and there was blood everywhere! Discarded bloody dressings, strewn about, and blood all over the delivery boxes and packing materials (it's ok, I wasn't planning on giving any of the books back). My house could never pass Grissom's crime scene investigation now!

I cleaned it up, ordered pizza, and shook for hours. The Babe is as chirpy as ever and running and climbing as if it had never happened. She's supposed to have learned her lesson!

Oh and the answer to the most important question - it's okay, no blood got on the books! Heh, heh, heh...

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