Wednesday, 16 April 2008

More Random

Just for kicks, I thought I'd take you on a tour of my brain today. Just kick those dust-bunnies into the corner, and dash the cobwebs away, come forward, plenty of room for all. Can you all hear me? I don't want to speak too loudly because of the echo-cho-o-o.

My friends, who needs new pseudonyms since you have all seen through them, think that I'm only silly when I'm tired. Here is where I disappoint them. New names: Posh, Becks.. and Ally, since they won't let me use Cruz.

(I have to tell you all this quickly since I've been fixated on it... Posh needed to fix her cat flap last night, and reported success: the flap flaps freely. Never mind the alliteration, try saying THAT five times fast. Flap flaps freely, flat flaps freely, frat fraps freely...)

Silliness. My family shame me. Thing One and Thing Two happened to say a word at the same time this evening, so Himself jinxed them. As you do. Thing One retorted that he hadn't double-jinxed-touch-wood, or whatever the current "correct" phrase is, so they weren't, in fact, jinxed. To which Himself wittily replied "Jinx my butt". Which meant that the girls had to be silent until his butt said so? Which won't take long, remarked Thing One. As she was still speaking, Himself released a noxious gas. Told you so, Thing One said smugly. All of which maybe wouldn't be so bad if we weren't still at the dinner table.

Over here, then, away from the shameful memory corner, mind the tumble weeds. (By the way, I forgot what they were called, and nearly had to Google, but luckily Becks saved me - from the shame after the last time I did that. Especially since all I could think of was "in the wild west, big rolling balls of grass that blow down the street, what are they?". Not the most Google friendly search term).

Here's the empathy corner. I have a HUGE store of empathy. Wait, I have another anecdote! We were talking about this some time ago, and Thing One and I accused Himself of having no empathy at all. "Of course not," he yawned. "You have the empathy, the kids get the sympathy, and I'm left with the apathy." Ho ho, very clever, boyo. Humph.

As I was saying, then. I'm slightly OVER empathetic. Some people yawn if another person yawns, it shows a certain empathy in your character if you can do that, apparently. I yawn if someone else *thinks* the word yawn, which shows a certain amount of psychosis (and mind-reading, so get your mind out of the gutter!). I'm one of those people that others gravitate to for free counselling, because I "listen", and try not to comment. That's not because I am wise, but because I keep my mouth shut - if I can't say something nice, I usually say something stupid. I always mean well, but as I have mentioned before - foot/mouth. I usually try and joke around, which is when that foot ends up halfway down my throat. Being funny is one thing, knowing when not to be is an art I haven't yet developed. So, me = schtum, and others = vent. Ah well.

Talking of under-developed areas. Here's the concentration corner. It's quite small becau...

Ooooh, SHINY. {Wanders away}.

See the metal doors here? Behind them is every single bit of knowledge in the whole wide world. I know a bit of something about just about everything in the world. Sadly, I lost the key to those doors, so have no access to that part of the brain. Shame, because I'm sure I would be soo clever otherwise. I'd blame The Babe, who likes to steal my keys, but those doors have been locked for years.

(Interrupted for this important announcement from Thing Two: How do pixies eat? By goblin'.)

Hey, half my blog is missing here. I must have forgotten to save it. AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Don't mind the red pulsing lights, that's my anger centre flashing out of control. I have slight anger issues. Just a little tiny bit cross sometimes. Mostly when I'm hormonal. One week a month I'm likely to rip your damn head off and suck out the contents like a Creme Egg if you look at me wrong. Don't worry, I'm quite sweet the rest of the time... heh.

So, we seem to have covered the main areas. Lots of extra space here, isn't there? I'm thinking of putting in a pool, what do you think? Come back then, we can barbecue.

(Why has The Babe got her jacket and asked me for the keys, walked out shouting bye? Does she know something you don't?)

Hope you enjoyed the tour, donation box at the bottom, now bugger off and leave me alone ya'll come back now, y'hear?

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