Thursday, 3 April 2008

It's no wonder I'm going grey

My day... it might give you a hint about my day that my friend said "I only have one child with me", and my first response was "Which child have you murdered and hidden under the patio?". She meant her older child was out for tea with friends, but after the day I've had with my children, that was where my mind leapt. Freudian again? Or just psychotic?

We had a friend here for tea, and the children were all drawing little pictures. The friend drew two devils, called Thing One and Thing Two, because "THEY are ALWAYS arguing". Poor kid, stuck with my horrid argumentative brats.

I did wonder today if binding one's toddler's limbs to their torso to prevent climbing would be considered child abuse. I'm merrily ignoring her and she is climbing on my lap, bashing my computer screen. Grr. Luckily "All New Zoey101" started, episodes the arguing two haven't seen, so they settled down to watch it in peace and The Babe promptly abandoned annoying me to go and bang on the TV and annoy them. Thus, screams of dismay from the now-not-arguing two, but the TV and the three of them were in a different room to me, so I just relaxed and surfed the 'net.

Also, sadly neglected Cat has finally been to groomer and is all fluffy and snarl free again. Cat hates the groomer and she heard me make the appointment, so trying to get her in the Kitty Jail (carrier thing) this morning was fun! Huge long scratch down my arm as she kicked backwards when I popped her in. She also hasn't spoken to us since she got back, she is almost as stroppy as Thing One. She hasn't even looked at us since getting home, even when we waved the camera at her. Oh well. Stroppy cat, stroppy kids.

I'm going to go and eat all their Easter Eggs now, and start digging up the patio...

PS. Please excuse messy Thing Two's bedroom in the cat pic, she dumped her towel on the floor after her bath. I'm NOT picking it up. Really. I'm not.

PPS It isn't even the holidays here yet, they don't start until next week. Anyone got any valium?

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