Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fool!

Pinch and a punch the first of the month - no returns back!

Yay I got you.

We are fans of April Fool here - shall wait while you get over your shock. Ready? Well THAT didn't take you long. What d'ya mean you could have guessed??

We browse all the papers looking for the prank, and rejoice when we find them. Like the flying penguins on the BBC site today, which I didn't fall for... the pay-per-view funerals in Southampton (which the BBC swears isn't a joke, but c'mon, it MUST be...please?).

So in the spirit of the day, I present the prank I pulled on Himself. Feel free to use it yourselves.

Step One: Take a screenshot of your desktop. Set it as your wallpaper.

Step Two: Remove all the real icon shortcuts on your desktop so that all that remains are the pictured images.

Step Three: Hide the taskbar.

Step Four: Call tech support, aka Himself, and complain that your mouse isn't working properly since it isn't clicking anything.

Step Five: Agree it is probably the contacts on the mouse, and let him search the house for a spare mouse. Swap old for new mouse. Double-click aimlessly.

Step Six: Agree the computer probably needs rebooting when new mouse displays same fault as old mouse.

Step Seven: Leave the room on a flimsy excuse since my bladder isn't capable of sustaining held-in laughter for prolonged periods.

Step Eight: Give in to laughter after several minutes of him double-clicking, grunting and getting crosser and crosser.

Step Nine: Hide with laptop in cupboard under the stairs from angry Himself while blogging and lmao!

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