Friday, 11 April 2008


So, this "chocolate being necessary for females" theory. True or false do you think?  Food, or drug? It can't just be the fact that it tastes good. So do lots of other things, but there is no icecreamaholic, or walkers-cheese'n'onionaholic (although if there was, I may just be one of those.. just saying). It does contain lots of chemicals in an entirely natural (ahem!) form, so I'm all for nominating it as a self-medication. Dietary deficiencies? Magnesium and Vitamin K, found in chocolate! Feeling low? Dopamine and serotonin, found in chocolate! It's nature's medicine.

When Thing One was small, she managed to grab hold of a family size bar of galaxy. Unopened. The thing was almost as big as she was. But when I took it away, it prompted her first ever temper tantrum. And that was wrapped chocolate, so just the proximity sparked some feral reaction in her!

What prompted this introspection, did you say?

The Babe wandered by me earlier, and my nose twitched. Chocolate! I tracked down the source and found Thing One scoffing a kitkat, which she has sweetly shared with The Babe. The babe obviously liked this new source of nutrition. She stood by the kitchen door...





Not deterred.





Hmmm. It must be the intonation.





Several repetitions later, she walked away. Success. Or not.



"Keys" And she waved my keys at me.

"Choclit" And she hid them behind her back.

Blackmailed into providing chocolate by an 18 month old?? Where does she learn this? I don't think so Missus.

Friend D was chatting while this was going on, and she related how her son, hereinafter called The Babe's Future Husband (or TBFH), had gone into her handbag earlier and swiped a bag of maltesers. Well, firstly he is male, so the female/compulsion thing doesn't apply. Second, Friend D is on a diet so he was really acting as her conscience and removing temptation from her path. So really he was being helpful and considerate, and not at all sneaky. What a good Son-in-Law he will make me.

Anyway, I need milk, so need to pop out now. Anyone seen my keys??

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