Thursday, 27 March 2008

What not to buy

Evening all! Have you missed me? Had you even noticed I haven't blogged...? Didn't think so!

What not to buy:
1) No 100% Egyptian cotton sheets
2) No skimping on a washing machine, you need one that is quick and efficient
3) Don't bother with a line and pegs, go straight for the tumble dryer
4) The ads are true, cheap kitchen towels don't pick up as much liquid as a certain premium brand.

Have you all guessed where I've been then? Yup, clearing up vomit from several sicky children, washing bedding and pjs, making soup and mopping brows. It's been a joy.

Oh, and I have another one - don't buy a house more than 100 yards from your school of choice otherwise you may well get sucker-punched come National Admissions Day.

Bitter, me?? What on earth gives you that idea?

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