Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The rest of those "vital" things

To be honest, it's the word "vital" that is getting me. I'm not that important, nothing about me is vital, crucial, to anyone else. If the header had been trivia, I'd have more luck. I can throw trivia around with the best of 'em.

So, six (more) things just about me.

5) I waffle. A lot. And sometimes am concise to the point of bluntness.

6) I am a mum of three daughters. I am one of three daughters. My mum is one of three daughters. There's not a whole lot of Y chromosome in my family. That's because we are female so we already know the answers (tiddy-boom).

7) I get very cross about rudeness. Manners cost nothing, and tact and diplomacy are always necessary to avoid unnecessary hurt. Unless you are me, who hops everywhere since one foot is permanently in my mouth. I shall just apologise now and get it over and done with, eh?

8) I love being a mum more than I ever thought I could.

9) I spent far too long worrying about how to fill these numbers.

10) We have just passed my sister's anniversary*. I would like to say to her, sis, why haven't you haunted me with the winning lotto numbers yet??

*Actually we haven't now... it was, back in January when this was first written. This is what happens when you decided to transfer your blog to a new home, the dates get a bit mushed.. and you get caught out. What? Like you really thought I was typing an entry or two every day?? Pfftt. You really need to get to know me better.

10a) I'm lazy and I procrastinate and I'm lazy. Yes I know I said that twice, it bears repeating.

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