Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Quickie

The Babe is currently squatting under the dining room table, with a purloined French stick, savaging it to get to the soft bread inner and growling at the dog when he walks past. I'm not even going to comment on this.

Incidentally, I went to the doctor this morning. Guess where I parked? Sainsburys. Which is several miles out of my way from the doc. I drove in, started looking for a space, and then wondered where in hell I was... I'm blaming the fact that the supermarket has a pharmacy and I was just trying to get ahead of myself.

Today was an Inset day at school, and next week is half term... so essentially today is the first day of the holidays. This means that the school year is officially half over. People say "oh time flies" but this is ridiculous, it honestly doesn't seem like a week since Christmas. And my 'baby' is now halfway through her last year of primary school. Before I know it, she'll be at secondary and then college, and then... talk about getting ahead of yourself!

Oh, the little savage has left her hidey-hole. I just asked where the bread was and she pulled her top up and patted her tummy smugly. Oka-a-ay then!

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