Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Queen of Sheba

My daughter has perfected her look of total disdain. She can look down her nose at you and make you feel smaller and less significant than a bug. If you continue to harass her, she will quite simply lift her eyes to Heaven as if imploring for strength, shake her hair and walk away. Charming.

This isn't Thing One we are discussing by the way. Oh no. Not the puberty-ridden pre-teen. This is The Babe. The cute one, the adorable one, the one people want to hold and cuddle. She's obviously had enough and has resolved to make a stand. A friend had a attempted conversation with her yesterday at school, and Three couldn't escape, strapped as she was into her pushchair. She decided on a new tactic, gazing aimlessly over friend's shoulder, until friend faltered and glanced backwards, saw nothing then laughed nervously and stepped away, changing the subject and talking to me as if she had meant to do that all along. Way to intimidate someone three decades older than you, child.

She isn't always so aloof, don't get me wrong. Sometimes she gazes so intently upwards that it's obvious that something has caught her attention, she isn't ignoring anyone this time. So, her audience glance up. As do the people around them. Three looks down through her eyelashes to see how many she suckered, smirks and snickers and waits for them to realise they fell for the oldest trick in the book. Yes she is 15 months. Yes she really does this. Her father is a fan of slapstick, it must be hereditary.

Then there are the times she is walking and sees someone she knows. So exciting! "Hi, hi!" She calls out with a big grin, stepping up her pace and stumbling towards them. They are thrilled at her demonstrative affection and hunker down to catch her. Suckers. As soon as they do, she stops with that look of disdain, turning away as if they are the Child-catcher Incarnate.

Mortifying. But you know, I kind of wish I had her ability to stop people in their tracks sometimes!

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