Thursday, 20 March 2008

Oh the shame

Please explain this one to me if you can.

And please don't let it be just me this happens to.

HYPOTHETICALLY... suppose I made a trip to the supermarket this morning. Suppose I needed, say, a loaf of bread.

As I go in to the supermarket, I suddenly think of one or two more things I need, say yoghurt and some baking ingredients.

So, I meander around, I pick up the bread, and notice some fresh pain au chocolat. Mmm, haven't had those in forever, I'll get some for the girls for their breakfast for a treat. I carry on towards the dairy aisle, picking up some mousses instead of yoghurt for once. Oh, look, cheesecake is on offer, I'll get one for Himself. And coke is on buy one get one, so I shall stock up. Easter Eggs, why are they on sale already? Hmm, no children with me, now would be a good time to get them, though. Some chocolate for baking, I'll just grab a sausage roll for The Babe and I for lunch, and maybe some quavers for the girls' packed lunches.

So, I'm sure you can see where this is going...

1. I came in to buy a loaf of bread, costing 89p. I have spent £36.47. In terms that my friends will understand - The Budget will be CROSS.

2. And more importantly. I have a trolley full of absolute crap. Not a single thing with any nutritional value whatsoever. And as I round the corner, I bump into every single woman I have ever met and they are all looking in my trolley....

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