Friday, 21 March 2008


I heard the magic words again... "Mama"... awwwww, bless her.

She only said it once, back on pancake day. Since then I've been "MA!". Horrid. Bad enough that Thing One and Thing Two have decided that I'm not Mummy anymore and have down-sized me to "Mum", now The Babe has started on this "ma-a-a" business - like a goat, as my friend so sweetly pointed out yesterday. A serving goat at that - ma do this, ma do that!

Problem is... today I gave her a bath, then scooped her out and swung her up to the mirror. Oh the joy of mirrors... fascinating to all babies, hmm? She has taken to kissing herself now, talk about narcissistic!

Today though, the utter joy in her face, because there, yes, there, in the mirror! It was Mama!! Look Ma, there's Mama!!

Charming. "Mama" is a cold glass reflection and I get relegated to Ma.

*Incidentally. I forgot the word "narcissistic", it was on the tip of my tongue and was so annoying, does that happen to you? So I googled it to see if I could find the word in a thesaurus. Do you want to know the phrase I googled? "Self love". Do you want to know what came up?? No, didn't think so....

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