Sunday, 30 March 2008

Time Travel

I've just been reading this journal (I'm assuming you are all already loyal readers of hers. If not, go. Go now, take a coffee, and have a giggle). I have to say, I abso-bloody-lutely 100% agree totally. I hate the clock change deal.

First of all, I can never remember which way the clocks go, even with the "Spring Forward, Fall Back" thing. I realise it is Spring and the clocks go forward, I'm just not sure what that actually means! I pause, clock in hand, mentally counting "If it is going forward I add an hour so it is 10pm now and I put the clock to 11pm... is that right?"

Then I spend all night begruding my lack of an hour's sleep. To the point where I lie awake getting crosser and crosser, as if stewing about it and developing insomnia is going to make it any better!

Thirdly, I spend all day converting the world into "real time" in my head. Oh, The Babe slept in until 8am, that's great, but it's only-7am-in-real-time so not great. Oh, it's lunchtime but she isn't hungry, of course not it's-only11am-in-real-time. Why won't she nap, why isn't she tired... because it isn't nap-time in-real-time!

Like Katie, I drive everyone beserk with my "it's only 10am in-real-time now". I just can't get used to it. I'm just as bad in autumn, even though I appreciate the extra hour's sleep, I spend the whole day feeling like I am running late, with a sinking feeling in my stomach that I have forgotten something important.

By tomorrow, I won't see what the hassle was, and the time is just the time and it doesn't bother me. But today, today is awful and the clock changes should be banned.

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