Saturday, 29 March 2008

The In-Laws

The jeans I bought may well have been a mistake, I pulled them on this morning straight from the wash without even undoing the button, and have spent the whole day holding them up. Hmm. Methinks they may be a tad large. Should have gone for the smaller size I guess.

All is not lost, I shall pass the jeans onto my MIL who is an absolute whizz with clothes, she is a seamstress by trade and can do anything with a needle. She is wonderful, I haven't had to sew as much as a button on in years, she does all our mending and adjusting! She'll weave some magic and the jeans will fit, without the aid of copious amounts of chocolate.

I have a great relationship with my MIL, I am extremely lucky. She's the best mother-in-law ever, never interferes just supports us both and treats me as she would her true daughter. You couldn't ask for more. MIL needs a name... we'll call her Babcia, the Polish word for Grandmother, since Himself's family is from Poland. There is only one teensy problem with Babcia - she is absolutely stunning, and speaks with a charming accent that she hates. I got pulled up by a neighbour once who didn't want to alarm me, but there was some young dolly-bird visiting Alan while I was away... No, that's just his mother. She didn't believe me, thought I was deluding myself, and I'm sure she thinks to this day that Himself is an adulterer!

Babcia & girls 2003
I may as well mention Himself's sister too, who also needs a name... hmm... SIL... SILLY.. that'll do lol! I have already mentioned her "rat in the bed" episode, which she wants me to now tell you is a "fragment of my imagination" since she is mortified by it.

(Yes, as well as a being a tad loopy, Silly is a huge Mrs Malaprop. I daren't say anything since I tend along those lines myself, although I blame my stroke for telling Himself to "put the milk in the dog" instead of the fridge. He knows what I meant and I get cross if he points out my malapropisms, so I don't mention Silly's. She knows she makes them since once she was looking for some some "Pacific" bedsheets. I spent half an hour looking for some unknown brand of sheet until it dawned that she wanted a 'specific' colour.)

Anyway, having read my blog, she has now claimed she is "never telling me anything again", so that means that the blog has served a dual purpose. Gives me somewhere to waffle AND has stopped Silly waffling at me. Extra bonus points then!

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