Sunday, 16 March 2008

Men Don't Itch

Himself read last night's entry, and has haughtily informed me that men do NOT itch when they wake up. They are simply patting themselves down to ensure that no-one has stolen any of their bits in the night. Chest hair, check. Slightest hint of paunch that is really a six-pack in training, check. Further down, oh yeah, check. I am STILL The Man!

Of course, Himself isn't quite the man that he was a few days ago. Not since some nasty stranger grabbed him on Wednesday, and inspected those man parts, then cut a hole in them, grabbed the insides and pulled them out, set FIRE to them, then willfully hacked several inches of said insides away. Otherwise known as a "no-scalpel vasectomy", but that innocent sounding title doesn't quite portray the true horror of it all - according to him anyway.

Naturally, he thinks that this short 10 minute jobbie at the walk in centre, in which he flashed himself at two nurses, makes us even. I've gone through laparoscopies, labours, caesarean section, episiotomy, forceps, induction... versus ten minute jobbie at clinic. Equal. I think not.

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