Saturday, 29 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Yay long weekend ahead. 4 days off! Got any plans? Any long standing traditions? Do you have the whole family around for dinner, or paint eggs to roll down hills? Must be hard for those of us in the really flat countries to find hills for rolling... countries like countries like Switzerland like my friend Kate, who was lamenting the lack of hills as she stares at the mountains from her window!

I know what I am planning. After our recent gastro fun, my jeans are slightly loose. Can't have that, 'eh? Shall have to gobble choccy until they are tight again! Easter eggs, here I come! I do know in my heart that Easter Eggs are a total rip-off. Not enough choc, a ton of paper and plastic waste, and a silly little mouthful... I mean "treat-size".. of some easily available bar of chocolate, all for the low low price of your first-born. But I just can't resist them. I'm an advertiser's dream. Stick a picture of Winnie-the-Pooh on a box of tat and it is infinitely desirable. Shape some cheap choc into a bunny shape, and that sucker is mine!
Me. Heh.

Easter has never really been a huge deal in our family. Unlike Christmas which is a huge extravaganza, Easter has always been more introspective, which is fitting, I suppose. However, it has also always been a little bit about the Bunny... naturally enough, most children prefer the Bunny to the Church. My sister has actually SEEN the Bunny, and the tale has become Legend, both in our family and in the street at the time. I barely remember this, I must have been all of 23 months old, and Sis was three (and baby sis was 11 months, because yes, my mum had three girls under 3 years old at once. She was a saint!). Anyway, that Easter we saw, quite clearly - there, fleeing swiftly across our garden - the hopping white tail of a wild rabbit. Obviously, he'd just been by and left our Eggs for us and was running late for a very important date! Quite possibly this early taste of magic contributed to that eternal child-like glee of hers. I just wish that sometime before she was thirty she had stopped trying to rub it in every year that she had seen the Bunny and we hadn't...

This year as usual we shall eat fish on friday, and buy teacakes to toast (because, c'mon, angelica in Hot Cross Buns is just gross). We are going to go find an Easter Egg hunt locally, and I shall cook dinner, and we shall visit family. The Easter bunny will visit, and the girls will find eggs. And, as always, I shall eat Easter Eggs for breakfast on Sunday. My jeans will fit soon...

Happy Easter, everyone.

PS Ooooh! Talking of chocolate! Himself bought me the new KitKat Senses today. It's fab, you must try it!

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