Friday, 21 March 2008

Cupid Strikes

The Babe is leaving home.She's grabbed her dummy, her muslin and she's standing at the door, waving and calling bye over her shoulder. Accommodations here obviously fall below par, and she has decided to quit. Bye!

I totally agree with her, the place is falling apart around our ears. As soon as they figure out how to wrap broadband in a spotted handkerchief, I shall tie it to a stick and I am out of here too. Let me tell you about my woes...

Himself and I have had to buy each other Valentine's gifts this year. We have gone all out, and spent rather a lot of money. Several hundred pounds worth of a lot of money.

Hmm, what was that? Trip to Paris did you say? Diamonds? Bouquet of roses by Interflora (dear God, you need a mortgage to get flowers from them on the 14th of February)? No, none of the above. I did mention woes, didn't I?

He bought me four new tyres for the car.

I bought him a washing machine since mine has given up the ghost.

I know, I know, the romance is putting you all to shame.

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