Wednesday, 26 March 2008


So.. the earthquake... not that I believe there was a 'quake. This is England, for goodness' sake, we don't do such New World attention-seeking! It was a conspiracy by the FBI. In reality it was.. ummm... a train going past your house! One containing all the used plastic carrier bags so it was very, very heavy! (See that? Two big news stories in one sentence, I am sooo topical!!).

Anyway, I didn't feel it. Himself's sister felt it. She felt her mattress moving and was frozen in fear... the first thought in her head? It's a rat! A rat is living in the mattress.. so she jumps out of bed, grabs a cosh, and beats merry hell out of her poor bed. Then she gets BACK into bed, and falls asleep, I guess on top of the bleeding corpse of a dead rat?? I don't even want to know how her mind works that this was her assumption. She must have been very very tired.... (and to give her credit, she does have chicken pox so is a bit doolally).

The Babe has been poorly this week. She has a terrible cold that she just can't shake. She has also now started coughing. She napped today for almost 4 hours... and then developed a heat rash. She has been around Himself's sister... but it's just a heat rash.... (Sticks fingers in ears and hums loudly).

I shall tell you a story. I told this story on msn tonight. I was "encouraged" to go away and write a journal entry instead but I insisted on boring - I mean entertaining - my friends. Then I thought, hey, two birds with one stone, I shall bore you all as well. Friends, you can stop reading now, you already know this.

So, Monday I took The Babe to playgroup. It wasn't very busy. The carpet was orange. The chairs were green. The walls were yellow. I don't know why you need the extra detail, but for some reason Friend D decided I needed to be more accurate in my writing. I did briefly consider she might be accusing me of too many typos but nah. She must have wanted accurate detail.

So, Monday I took The Babe to playgroup. She was fine for ages, playing happily, but then she suddenly came to a complete halt in front of a group of women and their babies. She stared and stared. Then her lip began to wobble. The women became concerned, and asked her what was the matter. She stood there, eyes welling up. Her lips quivered and a single tear tracked down her face. It was heart-breaking. I looked carefully, she wasn't hurt, she was just devastated about something. I glanced around and... ah-hah! The baby in front of her was lying on a pink muslin.... as I've mentioned, The Babe's comforter is a pink muslin. She thought the baby had stolen her muslin, NAUGHTY baby! I had to fetch her muslin and she cuddled it up and lay down with it and babied herself.

Needing her comforter at playgroup... a cold.. a 4 hour nap. IT'S JUST A HEAT RASH!

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